Why Hello there Beautiful!

I’m Urban Skincare Co. Urban for short, let’s get on a first name basis. We’re friends now after all **awkward silence until you agree.**

So, let me just ask you one thing… Are you a fan of your skin and hair? Do think it generally goes alright? Well you haven’t seen anything yet!

Your hair and skin are in good company, I just know we’re going to hit it off. So, let me start by telling you a little more about me…..

I was born in the vibrant, harbourside city that is otherwise known as Sydney, Australia.

With the sea, sun and city at my doorstep (brag much!) I know all about the troubles that an urban life can cause to your hair and skin. That perfect salty beach wave turns into dry hair and the nights out in the city quickly fade into lifeless skin.

But fear no more! With a little help from my friends the A Team, I’ll turn that frown upside down so you can go on being your most fabulous self!

Meet the A-TEAM

Warning! My A-Team will give you really really ridiculously good looking hair and skin. Are you ready for it? The A Team is my tribe of lovers and fighters packed into each product. Silky smooth, glowy you? Not a problem.

The Cleanser

It’s all gonna come out in the wash! I’m here to wipe the slate clean and get you back to your freshest and most fabulous self. Wake up, rinse and kick a$$

The Purifier

Keep calm and say hi to the cleanest of cleans. I am hear to bust away those nasty impurities so you can get on with your day without a care in the world!

The Smoother

Kind and dependable, just like a Golden Retriever. Ok so Golden Retrievers are better but you can still count on me to deliver skin and hair #goals.

The Conditioner

Look at you, you look sensational! All glowy and fantastic – you are so welcome. I’m pretty good at nourishing, just try me out and see!

The Nurturer

I’m the sweet talker next door. It’s got nothing to do with my natural charm and everything to do with giving you healthy skin and hair!

The Hydrator

I am magic. Well sort of, kind of… maybe not. But I’m pretty fantastic at making you silky smooth. Hair, skin, I’ve got this whole hydration thing!


I promise I’ll be quick…

So just so you know, I like my products like I like my people, non-toxic. You won’t find any complicated mumbo-jumbo in my products. It’s just good times, sunshine and rainbows…. Well I try!

Urban Skincare Co. is formulated with the goodness of Oligogeline®. A type of red seaweed, Oligogeline is rich with Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc and Manganese which work restore mineral balance and stimulate keratin synthesis – pretty cool huh?

I’m also free from those nasty Parabens, SLS and MIT and as I’m a big fan of my furry friends, I live by cruelty free!

That about sums it all up. Check out the ranges, hit me up on social or drop the team a line. Look forward to chatting with you soon!


5.00 out of 5
5.00 out of 5